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Wholesale Merchandise for Resale: Essential Tips & Tricks For Buying Wholesale Merchandise in 2023

By Davidani

wholesale merchandise for resale

When you are buying wholesale merchandise for resale for the first time, you should know the best tips. Let’s read on. 


Running a successful business requires many steps, including buying wholesale merchandise for resale. It is crucial to understand the wholesale industry. Purchasing more items from a wholesale company will result in a greater discount. In some cases, it is referred to as bulk purchasing. Mastering wholesale buying will feel like hitting the jackpot, leading to greater profits and happier customers. 

Definition of Wholesale Merchandise for Resale

You can purchase items to sell in your store as a retailer. It is possible to purchase products directly from manufacturers where they are made and distributed. If you want to buy directly from an artisan, a liquidator, an importer, etc., you have several options. Alternatively, you can work with a wholesaler


Manufacturers sell their products to wholesale companies in large quantities. As a result of purchasing in bulk, they receive great discounts. The wholesaler makes money by reselling each product at a higher price to you after buying in bulk. Even though the cost has been increased, they are still able to offer you a discount. 


By purchasing in bulk, you can save a lot of money compared with buying items separately. Afterwards, you can mark up the prices based on the profit margins you desire. It's a win-win for everyone, including your customers. Working with a wholesaler can save you money you can pass onto your customers. 


Even though this seems like a simple process, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to ensure success.  

Build A Good Relationship With Your Wholesaler

wholesale merchandise for resale


Logging in to a website, placing an order, and logging out are easy these days. Modern technology allows you to access suppliers worldwide, and your shelves can be stocked within minutes!! However, it is beneficial to maintain a good relationship with wholesale suppliers. 


Suppliers can give you an edge over competitors by providing you with information about new trends and upcoming promotions. You will be able to do more to succeed if they have more information about your business. Negotiating deals, such as shipping costs, can be easier when you have a positive relationship. 


A good way to build a relationship with a wholesaler is to visit them in person as often as possible. When they are too far away to meet in person, arrange virtual meetings. Try to meet face-to-face when you can. 

Know Your Expense and Revenue

expense and profit


You need to know things like expenses and revenues when you own a business. While buying wholesale merchandise for resale, there are many other numbers to keep in mind. Among them are gross profit margins, net profit margins, and operating profit margins. There are formulas available to make things easier for you. Taking your cost of goods and subtracting it from the net sales will give you the gross profit margin. The percentage can be calculated by dividing it by the net sales. 


Among other things, you need to know price points, cash flow, equity, debt, taxes, and storage space. In order to prevent overspending, you should also know how many items you need before wholesale shopping. 

Check the Recent Market Trends 

The wholesale supplier can give you the latest scoop on upcoming trends from the designers and manufacturers. However, don't just believe what they say. Verify that the information you are given matches the information provided by major industry players. If you resell clothing, you might want to check out Vogue, Trend Zoom, Glamour, and others. Follow the renowned trendsetters on their social media pages. Take part in virtual fashion shows or attend them in person. Your responsibility is to ensure your customers have access to the latest products. 

Ensure the Best Quality 



It doesn't matter how big the discount is, wholesale merchandise should not be of low quality. If your wholesaler doesn't send you samples, ask them about small-batch purchases before you make a bulk purchase. It may be possible to negotiate a lower price on your first order, since it's essentially a test run to verify quality and get feedback from your customers. 


When inspecting a product, check the seams and joints to make sure they are sturdy. You can stretch, poke, pull, and handle it to see how it stands up. Is everything lined up as it should be? Is their appearance high-end or low-end? How vibrant are the colors, or do they seem to be fading or bleeding? Be guided by your instincts. You should not spend time convincing yourself to buy it if your initial reaction is to think that it is low quality. If you want quality products, find a wholesaler who specializes in them. 

Read the Penalty Detail Carefully 

Before signing a contract with a wholesale supplier, please read it thoroughly. Profits can be wiped out if you make a costly mistake. Ensure that there are no hidden fees, such as late charges for missed deadlines, upgraded shipping costs, or charges for returning products that are damaged. 


Even if a wholesaler doesn't require a contract, you should still read the “fine print”. You can check social media comments, social media reviews, and website reviews. Besides asking current and former customers for references, you can ask them for all the information you need. 

Few Extra Tips

Tips and tricks for buying wholesale merchandise for resale can help you run your business more efficiently. The following is a brief list of tasks you must not forget to complete, although there are too many to include here:


  1. Obtain permits and licenses from your city, county, and state in order to establish your business legally
  2. When making purchases, keep your customers in mind
  3. Ensure that your brand remains true to its mission and vision
  4. Your niche should remain your focus
  5. Join trade shows or network online with other retailers
  6. Invest in software that simplifies the process of buying and selling wholesale merchandise
  7. As every retailer on the planet, when you make a mistake, you correct it and move on 


Davi & Dani is the best place to wholesale merchandise for resale if you are looking for a reliable source. We are one of the biggest wholesale clothing vendors in Los Angeles, California.

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