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How Do You Start A Clothing Business By Buying Wholesale in 2023?

By Davidani

how to start clothing business

If you're considering how to start a clothing business by buying wholesale, there are various avenues you can take such as setting up a physical store, creating an eCommerce site, or even opening an Amazon storefront. This could serve as a great way to supplement your income or transition away from your current 9-to-5 job. Clothing is an essential commodity, and despite intense competition in the industry, there's always potential for new players to succeed. 


No matter what field you're in, understanding the principle of buying low and selling high is crucial for success. If you're planning to start your own clothing retail business, it's important to become acquainted with how to obtain merchandise at the most favorable prices to maximize profitability. Purchasing clothing wholesale offers the most favorable pricing, and while the initial process might appear daunting, it's actually straightforward. Continue reading to discover how to start a clothing business by buying wholesale!  

Handle the Legal Issues First 

legal issues


Before initiating any business venture, it's essential to address the legal aspects. Although it would be ideal to establish a shop, sell goods, and retain all the proceeds, it's not as straightforward as it seems. Initially, it's imperative to ensure that it's lawful to conduct business in your region, particularly if you're contemplating launching a home-based online business. In certain cases, this may violate zoning regulations and become illegal. 


Additionally, obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits is crucial. For instance, if you're constructing or renovating a storefront, you may require a building permit. Similarly, acquiring city and state business licenses might also be necessary. If you're uncertain about the specific legal requirements, the Small Business Administration can provide valuable information. 


At present, it's also vital to formally register your business and acquire a tax identification number, which is necessary for tax payment purposes. Additionally, some, but not all, wholesalers require a tax identification number to process orders. 

Let’s Find A Niche

find your niche for wholesale clothing


As previously stated, commencing a clothing business will subject you to considerable competition. To distinguish yourself from your competitors, identifying a niche is the most effective approach. If you attempt to sell the same products as an established business, customers are unlikely to prefer your offerings over theirs. 


Consider your target audience and the type of clothing you intend to offer. Are you targeting men, women, children, or a specific age group such as teens, tweens or seniors? 


target audience


The more unique your niche, the better your chances of success. If you plan to open a physical store, take note of the existing clothing stores in your area and identify any gaps in the market. For instance, if there are already several stores catering to women and children, you could consider opening a men's clothing store instead. Even if you are selling online, you can still target underserved markets. Having a brand that caters to people who are underrepresented in the media or fashion industry can be a huge advantage, both in terms of potential success and the satisfaction of supporting marginalized individuals. 


It's important to keep in mind that your niche should be something that you are passionate about. If you're not someone who enjoys being around young children, for instance, starting a local clothing boutique that caters to kids may not be the ideal choice for you. 


Another aspect to consider is whether you intend to offer customized clothing. If you're looking for a way to express your creativity while generating income, selling personalized apparel may be a great choice. With the promising future of screen printing technology, it's certainly worth exploring if you're interested in selling customized clothing. 


Certainly, there's no requirement to customize the clothing you sell. You can buy wholesale t-shirts or other garments and resell them at a higher price without any customization. However, offering customization options can enable you to command a higher price and could expand your appeal to potential customers. 

Let’s Search For Wholesalers 

At this point, you must have a clear understanding of your target audience, which will serve as a roadmap for your purchasing decisions. With this knowledge in mind, it is time to begin your search for wholesale vendors. For new small business owners, partnering with wholesale suppliers can be overwhelming. The amount of information to digest can be daunting, and you may feel out of place among more seasoned buyers. 


Establishing strong relationships is crucial in the retail industry. As a result, it is important to allocate sufficient time not only to locating wholesale suppliers but also to developing meaningful connections with them. The more effort you put into your relationships, the more inclined the wholesaler will be to collaborate with you to turn your business aspirations into reality. Even if you aren't their biggest customer, treating them with respect, being reliable, and paying invoices promptly will make them appreciate working with you. 


Thanks to the power of the internet, searching for wholesale suppliers has become significantly easier compared to two decades ago. A basic online search generates an abundance of results. 


To find more wholesale suppliers, you have two options: searching for vendors who represent multiple clothing brands or seeking out wholesale deals for particular brands. If you want to sell a specific clothing brand, the best course of action is to check out their website and search for links to wholesale details. Typically, these links can be located at the top or bottom of the page. If you cannot find much information, don't get disheartened. You may have to contact the company directly to acquire the information you require. 

Let’s Contact Wholesale Suppliers 

If you choose a supplier that doesn't have any specific demands for buyers, reaching out to them directly may not be necessary. In such situations, you can simply establish an account and place your order without any complications. 


If you find that you need to reach out to the wholesaler, there are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth process. Prior to making a call or sending an email, invest some time in reviewing the supplier's website to verify if contacting them directly is necessary. Many enterprises permit you to apply for a wholesale account on their website, so ensure that you follow the guidelines and provide the necessary information if that is the case. 


When contacting a representative via phone or email, it's probable that you will be requested to provide evidence that your business is legitimate. Wholesale suppliers frequently require copies of your business license and resale permit. Additionally, you may be required to furnish your tax ID number or submit invoices from other suppliers with whom you have established relationships. Remember that, as a new business, it may be difficult to qualify as a reseller, particularly if you're attempting to open accounts with premium brands. 


Read more: How to talk to clothing manufacturers  


When conversing with a representative, it's essential to inquire about pricing and how to set it up. Always conduct yourself as a professional and view each interaction as a chance to cultivate a robust relationship. 

Building and Maintaining Relationships with Wholesale Suppliers 

wholesale clothing business relationship


Obtaining the proper wholesale accounts is just the beginning; the real work is in establishing and sustaining a positive relationship. Cultivating a solid rapport with a wholesaler or representative can grant you access to better pricing, rare merchandise, and beneficial payment and credit terms. However, to receive this treatment, you must also take care of your wholesaler by maintaining a favorable relationship with them. 


Regardless of the form of communication - email, phone, or in-person - it's crucial to value the representative's time. Approach them in a friendly yet professional manner and treat every individual with dignity and respect. If you encounter even a minor issue, resolve it promptly to avoid it escalating into a larger problem. Additionally, maintain a positive attitude even in challenging circumstances. No one wants to be subjected to disrespectful behavior or verbal abuse. 


Ensuring timely payment of your invoices is crucial for maintaining a positive relationship with your wholesalers. If possible, consider paying them before the due date. Avoid making your wholesalers chase you for payment, as it can harm your business reputation. By staying organized and paying your bills on time, you can strengthen your relationship with your wholesaler and foster mutual trust and respect. 


In case of financial issues where you are unable to make timely payments, it is important to communicate with the wholesaler. Notify them as soon as possible that the payment will be delayed and inform them of the expected date of payment. If you are unable to pay the full amount, consider sending a partial payment as a sign of good faith. Most wholesalers are understanding and will work with you if you have a difficult month. However, it's crucial to inform your representative as soon as possible if you anticipate payment issues to keep them informed. 


pricing strategy


When you start receiving wholesale orders, the next step is to determine the prices for your products. For many retailers, setting the right prices is a challenging task. If you charge too high, your customers may prefer your competitors over you. On the other hand, if you charge too low, you may not make enough profit to sustain your business. Pricing is a crucial aspect of your business, and it's essential to establish it correctly. 


The retail industry generally follows the Keystone Pricing method as a basic guideline for pricing. This method involves doubling the wholesale price to arrive at the retail price. For instance, if you purchase wholesale polo shirts for $5 a piece, you should aim to sell them for $10. 


However, Keystone Pricing may not always be the most suitable method. Although it provides a good starting point, other aspects need to be considered such as overhead costs, target audience, and more. Additionally, it's important to analyze competitors' pricing to understand the market's price point. For businesses selling customized clothing, it's crucial to consider the cost of customization supplies and the time required to create each piece. 

Bottom Line 

Starting a retail clothing business through wholesale buying doesn't necessarily require ordering large quantities at a time. Wholesale buying can also apply to smaller quantities with great prices, making it accessible to anyone regardless of their budget. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or start a full-time career in the industry, buying wholesale may be the solution you need. 


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